Project Description
Data Broker is a Data Access Layer and ORM framework. It is small, easy to use and implements various fault tolerant features. It requires no XML configuration for defining the object relational mapping, just some simple attributes in the data access classes. Developed in C#.

Data Broker
Works based solely on DAO classes
Generates SQL on the fly
Implements best practices such as parameterized queries
Optimizes updates by caching original values
Allows both flat and hierarchical result sets
Allows for calling stored procedures
Is thread safe
Has connection recovery - it will restore connection and re-send commands
Has support for deadlock recovery
Can be used in any type of project: WinForms, ASP.NET, Services, Console applications

Databases supported: SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Firebird. Currently Data Broker has a slant towards SQL Server because it has been the most used database where Data Broker is used; feedback on the other databases is appreciated. The objective is to allow the same client code to be used seamlessly from database to database.

The documentation is still in development, but you are going to find samples of usage in the test source code.

This framework is currently being used in mission critical systems, so it should be pretty stable. It is labelled as Beta because we want to get as much feedback as possible from the general public before solidifying its interfaces. We welcome constructive criticism and questions, please let us know if help is needed and we will respond as soon as time permits.

1. Configuration
1.1 Simple
1.2 Adding log4net logging
2. Samples
2.1 Defining a DAO
2.2 Simple queries
2.3 Joins
2.4 Updates
2.5 Insert

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